Change Agent Survey

Who on Your Team is Willing & Able...

In the past when talking to C-level executives or team leaders we've actually had them say I don't believe that anyone in this company is capable of doing what we need or I just don't have the right team.  This is not true when given the correct tools and training everyone has the ability to make changes.  Most have never had the capability to know if those raising their hands are truly capable of leading change.

Often times when sending your employees to training or a conference they learn something new, but don’t apply the knowledge or take action afterwards. We have developed the first survey that predicts the odds that someone will take action on training and continuous education, so you don’t waste resources on people less likely to take action. 

If you have more people wanting to get trained than resources to train them or innovation projects for them to lead. This is a great tool to help you make a decision on who to train first. The survey works by asking everyone 21 questions. These 21 questions measure their individual thinking styles, entrepreneurship, optimism and if they are data grounded.

Each person receives their odds of being a change agent as well as advice based on their scores. As an added value to leverage diversity, the survey also recommends co-workers to create ideas with that think differently from them, but as a leader you can decide how much or how little of the results you want to share with your team.

I'd Like a Change Agent Survey for my Team or Company