The Crisis in 1980 was the Quality Gap.

The Crisis today is the Innovation Gap.  Innovation-Engineering-logo-globe_Sept2014.png

Innovation has always been important.  However the Internet has ignited a new urgency for innovation.   It has made innovation no longer optional as it turns companies and careers into price driven commodities at record speed.  It accelerates new technologies, enables new competitors and ignites an open exchange of information that empowers customers like never before.  Quite simply - in the interconnected world of today if you’re not meaningfully unique you better be cheap.  

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer said, “The Internet really is the biggest innovation in history.  It’s more important than the computer, even more important than the transistor.  The Internet came and everything became for everyone.  We were set free.”

The solution to the quality crises in 1980, was applying Dr. Deming’s System Driven Leadership approach to manufacturing and quality.   We are finding that a meaningful solution to the innovation crises can be realized by applying Dr. Deming’s approach to innovation as well as to strategy and how we work together to accomplish our organizational purpose. 

- Excerpt from Doug Hall's new book, Innovation Engineering (coming Spring, 2018)


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