What is an Innovation Culture Assessment?

A quantitative assessment designed to guide development of an
Action Plan for Growing a System for & Culture of Never Ending Innovation



Innovation Engineering transforms innovation from a random event into a reliable, scientific system for profitable growth.

It accomplishes this by growing a culture of never ending innovation within organizations that delivers increased innovation speed (up to 6x) and decreased risk (30 to 80%).

The Innovation Engineering mindset generates quantitative results.  

A report to the National Academy of Science in Washington D.C. found:

Companies using the Innovation Engineering system have created and defined, on paper, over $4.1 Billion worth of ideas for their Innovation Pipelines. 

Innovation Engineering companies are realizing a 250% improvement in the success of ideas that they put into development, saving them significant time, energy, and money.

Innovation Engineering Black Belt training dramatically increases confidence and capability.  Certified Black Belts coach 24 times more projects with a valuation that is 28 times greater.


Your organization will complete a 50 question survey to capture the current systems and culture of your organization. Survey questions assessed both your people’s individual thinking style and perception towards the organization’s culture.

The results have been benchmarked against organizations previously surveyed. Innovation culture benchmark is the average response from companies who spend more than twice as much time being proactive than reactive. Enabling Systems is the top 20% of responses.

The Eureka! Ranch has completed over 12,000 assessments as of 2013 that have helped companies become aware of their current culture, confidence and readiness to innovate.

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