How Can Collaboration Systems Help Tackle Administrative Challenges?


Are you frustrated with your slow internal administrative processes?  If so, surveys show you’re not alone.  

In the following Innovation Engineering video clips, Doug Hall, Founder & CEO of the Innovation Engineering Institute, and Dean Schroeder, the author of “The Idea-Driven Organization”, walk you through how your collaboration system can engage your employees to help knock out administrative challenges.

In this clip, Doug and Dean set up the complex problems that plague many companies who’d like to effectively collaborate to solve frustrating challenges but just haven’t made it work.


In this clip, Doug and Dean outline a plan that works.


These clips are from just one of the 100+ videos covering the 48 skills of Innovation EngineeringInnovation Engineering is a new field of study taught at 20+ universities/colleges and at Innovation College using the patent-pending Cycles to Mastery teaching methodology.  Innovation Engineering systematically enables innovation by everyone, everywhere, everyday, resulting in increased speed to market and decreased risk.